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Liquefied Petroleum Gas is obtained during the refining process of crude oil. It is being burnt off in the flame stacks you sometimes still see at oil refineries and on oil rigs. It is also found in natural gas. It is estimated that there is currently a surplus of LPG of 4 million tonnes from the North Sea alone and this is set to increase.

In this country it is mainly comprised of propane. It is stored under pressure as a liquid.

Across the country it is currently available at prices ranging from 60 pence to 75 pence per litre. It may be possible for you to bunker your own fuel in which circumstances the price is around 50 pence per litre. For more information on bunkering fuel contact Calor Gas

There are over 14.6 million road vehicles worldwide now running on LPG. See

LPG produces 75% less Carbon Monoxide
85% less Hydrocarbons
10% less Carbon Dioxide
40% less Nitrogen Oxide
87% less Ozone damage

There are over 1,600 LPG filling stations in the UK

Some websites allow you to download information to your sat nav. However we would encourage you to check the validity of these sites before doing so.

Dorset LPG can provide you with a map showing UK LPG filling stations and repair centres.

There are several Apple and Android apps which will help you locate LPG filling stations in the UK and Europe. There is also an IPOD app which will help you to locate LPG filling stations in Europe