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Why choose LPG ?
The primary factor for most of you will be cost. LPG is less than half the price of Premium Unleaded Petrol. There are fewer noxious gases produced and therefore less wear on the engine. You will find that the viscosity of the engine oil will be retained for a longer period and there will be less corrosion of the exhaust. Of course you will also be playing your part in cleaning up the environment.

Is it safe?
Yes. Compared with petrol LPG is much safer. The gas is stored under pressure as a liquid and the LPG tanks are able to withstand far greater impacts than your petrol tank can without rupturing. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident the LPG system incorporates a shut-off valve that automatically cuts off the fuel supply in a collision.

Can my vehicle be converted?
The technology available today allows for almost any petrol vehicle to be converted to LPG. If you are in doubt then please contact us, we will need some details from you about the vehicle, the make/model/engine size, number of cylinders, and year. We will be absolutely honest with you, we will recommend the best system for your vehicle, not the most expensive, and in the rare circumstance that there is not a suitable system for your vehicle we will advise you accordingly.

How much will the conversion cost me?

Prices range from between 1,200 to 2,500 (excluding VAT) depending on the age of the vehicle, the number of cylinders, the system installed and the location of the LPG tank.


Will I save money and how long will it take to recoup the cost of the conversion?
With LPG at almost half the price of petrol of course you are going to save money. Please use the cost savings calculator to give you an idea of your savings. However if you do not travel many miles per annum and you are only going to keep your vehicle for one more year then you will probably not see the financial benefits of the LPG conversion in that time. If you travel 20,000 miles per annum then you will very quickly recoup your costs. Don't forget that LPG vehicles are very popular now so you may find that when you do eventually come to sell your vehicle it may be worth more than you expected!

Where will the LPG tank be fitted?
This varies from vehicle to vehicle. It may be toroidal (donut) tank in the wheel well, a cylinder tank in the boot, sill tanks or an underbody tank (some vehicles require a smaller replacement petrol tank to be installed to allow for an underbody LPG tank). We will advise you of the best option for your particular vehicle.We may need to survey the vehicle to ascertain the correct tank size, this takes only a few minutes.

How long will the work take?
Between 2 and 4 days

How much is LPG?
The price varies across the county, anywhere between 60 and 75 pence per litre

How many miles per litre/gallon will I do?
There is a slight loss of mileage on LPG over petrol. You can expect on average to use between 10 - 15% more LPG than petrol depending on your vehicle and the type of driving you do.

How easy is it to find LPG?
LPG is now widely available throughout the UK as well as Europe. For a list of filling points please go to

Will I notice any loss of power?
There is virtually no noticeable loss of performance. In all likelihood the engine will also sound smoother and quieter.

What happens if I run out of gas?
Remember the car is bi-fuel so you can still run on petrol. Depending on the system installed you may have to manually switch to petrol, however most systems today will actually automatically switch to petrol should you run out of LPG.

What about servicing?
The LPG system should only ever be touched by a centre that is approved to install the particular system fitted to your vehicle. It is preferable to return the vehicle to the original conversion centre where possible. Details of servicing are to be found in the user guide. Normally this is simply an annual safety check. Your usual garage/dealer will be able to carry out their normal checks and services on the petrol side and their work will not be affected by the gas system. Automech Services LPG can offer you servicing on both petrol and LPG thus offering you the considerable advantage of a one-stop service centre.

Will my insurance company still cover my vehicle?
Yes, Check with your insurance company that they will insure an LPG vehicle. The vast majority of insurance companies do, but as with all insurance policies you will need to check the individual requirements. LPG certificates are no longer issued. These have been replaced by the UKLPG vehicle register which all good insurance companies should already be aware of. Dorset LPG adds your vehicle to this register as proof that the conversion has been completed by an approved conversion centre Only approved conversion centres can add vehicles to the register

What happens if I think I may have a problem?
Contact us straight away. Whilst you are getting used to running your vehicle on LPG you may perceive there to be a problem that probably isn't one at all! A quick call to us will normally be all it takes to put your mind at rest. We will do everything we can to assist you. Don't be afraid to ask! We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer support.

What do I do next?
Hopefully the FAQ's have answered all your queries and you now can't wait to get your vehicle converted! Call us now for a quote on 01202 680748 or use the on-line enquiry form