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There are three main types of LPG conversion systems

  1. The single point system
    This is divided into two categories, depending on whether or not your vehicle has a catalytic converter fitted to it. The system is based on a vapour induction unit which is fitted into the airflow of the vehicle. On vehicles with catalytic converters the gas flow is regulated by the 02 sensor. On vehicles without catalytic converters the gas is controlled via the vaporiser. The single point system is more suitable for older vehicles with metal inlet manifolds.
  2. The multipoint none sequential system
    The principle of this system is the same except that it has been designed specifically for vehicles with plastic inlet manifolds. The gas is fed into manifold individually at a point closed to the valve.
  3. The multipoint sequential system
    This is the most advanced of the three systems. Modern cars have extremely sophisticated petrol ECU's and this is the system that should be installed on these vehicles. It is also appropriate to install this system on some older vehicles such as BMW's, Audi's and Jaguar's as these cars have long had sophisticated control systems. Gas injectors are installed and the flow of gas is controlled to each injector via the LPG system's own ECU (engine control unit). The system mirrors the operation of the petrol engine and because the gas is controlled to each injector is the most economical of the three systems to run.
We will always recommend the most suitable system for your vehicle and in the unlikely event that, in our opinion, there is no appropriate system for your vehicle we will advise you accordingly. We will NEVER convert a vehicle knowing that you may have problems. We want you to be completely satisfied with your LPG conversion and are happy to provide you with as much information as you require to enable you to make an informed decision as to whether or not you proceed with the conversion.

NB: If you have a vehicle that attracts a government grant the system on the register is the only one that can be fitted to the vehicle in order for you to receive the grant.