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With the technology available to us today it is possible to convert almost any make and model of petrol vehicle to run on LPG, from an old and much loved Landrover to a prized brand new Jaguar and any vehicle in between. As an LPGA approved company we ensure that all our work complies with their COP11 standard. All equipment used is manufactured to British and European standards.

It is always best to start with a properly serviced vehicle. An engine that is running inefficiently on petrol will continue to do so on LPG. LPG gives you half price fuel but it doesn't fix any existing running problems!

Converting your vehicle normally takes between two and four days, depending on the type of LPG system installed and the location of the LPG tank.

We would ask you to please deliver the vehicle to us with a reasonable amount of petrol in the tank. We have to move the vehicle before we start work, we may have to test drive it on petrol prior to work commencing and we have to run the car to temperature once the work is complete. None of this is possible if the car comes to us running on petrol fumes only! It also helps us considerably if you can remove as many items as possible from the boot. If you don't then we have to.We then have to ensure your property is stored safely, all of which adds to the time taken to complete the conversion.

Once the conversion is complete your vehicle will be listed on the UKLPG register

You will receive a comprehensive user guide and we will explain exactly how your LPG system works. If you wish we can accompany you on a test drive and show you how to fill up with LPG.

Don't forget that we are still here to help you after the conversion is complete.

If you have any questions at all please do contact us on 01202 680748 or email